Classification of Flower Packaging Materials

- Sep 11, 2019-

Flowers can not only be used for viewing, but also have always been loved and used by people.  They are used to beautify the environment, communicate with people and some are the sources of things.  People like to send flowers to express their deep love for their birthdays.  Flowers have become a way of expressing love and can set off the atmosphere on special festivals.  But beautiful flowers also need to be decorated, and packaging materials with flowers is one way.  Do you know anything about flower packaging materials?  Let's take a look at the following small series.  I hope it will help you.

1. Paper packaging materials.  There are many kinds of wrapping paper of this kind, including printed paper, silk paper, dyed paper and so on, which look dignified when packaged.

2. Yarn packaging materials.  Yarn packaging gives people a hazy beauty. The flowers after packaging are like concealed. Such packaging is light and light, and the common ones are snowflake net and plastic net.

3. Unique corrugated paper.  Watong paper is also called kraft paper and paper skin. This kind of flower packaging material is relatively low in cost, recyclable and has good decorative effect.

4, textured crepe paper.  Uneven strip wrinkles give people different visual effects, have strong tensile force, and have metallic texture when packaged.

5. Plastic packaging is a common flower packaging material in the market.  This kind of package is affordable, with various printing, better decorative effect and moisture-proof effect.

6, hemp packaging materials.  This kind of packaging material is soft in paper and can change according to the shape of the flowers, bringing more creativity and beauty to the flowers.