Classification of Wedding Articles

- Sep 01, 2019-

Bedclothes (bed sheets, quilt covers, pajamas, etc., mostly in big red on weddings)

Wedding room layout (flowers, bright red happy characters, flashing aluminum wire, bright red lanterns, balloons, wedding room lamps, wedding photo album, etc.)

Wedding car layout (flowers, stickers, balloons, gauze, cartoon dolls, red satin, invitations)

Hotel layout (balloon arch, red carpet, electronic salute, fireworks, flower door, invitation card, road guide, stage background, sign-in desk, sign-in book, sign-in pen, champagne tower, candlestick, light chasing lamp, bubble machine, cold fireworks, oil smoke machine, bouquet, dry ice machine, Roman gate, Roman column) wedding candy, etc.  What has been introduced above is the occasion where the general varieties of wedding supplies are applied, and different occasions where different wedding supplies are used have their own meanings.  The main purpose of using wedding supplies is to add festive atmosphere and make the activities more exciting.

Through the ages, weddings are the most solemn celebrations in social life, a milestone in the life of each couple, with different meanings.  The Chinese attach great importance to weddings. Even if you get a marriage certificate, as long as you don't have a wedding reception, others don't think you are married.  Only when the guests of the grand banquet receive the blessings of all relatives and friends in a jubilant atmosphere will everyone admit that you are married.  Therefore, wedding supplies play an important role in the wedding.