Flocking printing method for paper cloth

- Sep 09, 2019-

With the development of the concept of sustainable development, more and more attention has been paid to the problem of energy conservation. Energy conservation is a characteristic of civilized cities. However, the power consumption of city street lamps is quite amazing. At the same time, power generation consumes a certain amount of energy, causing environmental pollution. Therefore, energy-saving street lamps came into being.

Energy-saving street lamp device is a kind of light control electricity saver based on microcomputer control technology.  Its main circuit is composed of two switch circuits connected in parallel, one of which uses microcomputer electronic control circuit as the main circuit;  The other is that the AC contactor is used as a bypass switch circuit and is connected in parallel with the main circuit.  The following is a brief introduction to the working mode of the main circuit:

1. Through a high-precision warp and weft time controller, the switching time is automatically controlled according to seasonal changes.

2. Power the lighting system through the warp and weft time controller to ensure that the bulb is fully preheated and started to reach the normal working state.

3. After the preheating of the energy-saving street lamp is completed, it enters the energy-saving state under the control of the microcomputer to keep the system running.

4. The traffic flow of people and vehicles in the city is relatively small in the second half of the night. Energy-saving devices can be set up to properly turn off some street lamps without affecting the driving of vehicles at night to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Energy-saving street lamps not only meet the lighting function, but also respond to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction in practice.