High-end Wedding Site Layout Skills Sharing

- Sep 05, 2019-

A once-in-a-lifetime wedding, each couple hopes to create what is called a perfect high-end wedding.  If the new people are worried about the high-end wedding scene arrangement, please take a look at the high-end wedding scene arrangement techniques introduced below.  Let you easily create a perfect high-end wedding.

Of course, the new couple has very high requirements for their wedding, and they all want their wedding to be perfect and high-end.  If prospective new people do not know how to make high-end wedding site arrangements when planning weddings, the following small series will bring you high-end wedding site arrangement skills to make perfect high-end wedding sites.

Decorate with columns

If there are more uprights in the wedding place of origin, you can consider using cloth art, flowers, lights, wreaths, etc. to add decorations on the uprights, which can not only enhance the 1,000 decoration feeling of the venue, but also reduce the obstruction feeling of the uprights.  How to arrange the wedding scene?  In addition, some themed weddings can be arranged with columns according to the theme, such as movie themed weddings, and movie posters can be pasted on the columns.

The trick of using two flower materials will make your wedding flower art lively and interesting: one method is to use flower materials with similar flower shapes but colorful colors to match, while the other method is to use flower materials with uniform colors instead of flower shapes to match.  Both methods can achieve unexpected good results.

Pay attention to the placement of the projector.

Due to the large number of upright posts, some guests will be blocked from view, which will prevent them from watching the wedding process easily and completely. Therefore, the projection position should be cleverly placed to play the video so that guests who cannot see the stage can receive the wedding live simultaneously, which can also reflect the careful arrangement of the new couple.

Pay attention to stage arrangement

Different shapes of venues, the placement of the stage is also different, semi-circular venues can set the stage in a circular arc position, how to arrange the wedding scene?  Triangular venues can set the stage at sharp corners. rhombic and other polygonal venues are suitable for setting the stage at obtuse angles. the venues will look relatively open.

The dining table needs special adjustment.

In the arrangement of the wedding scene, the dining table is the closest contact area with the guests, so the floral design of the dining table should properly contrast the atmosphere of the scene.  The layout of the wedding site should be adjusted according to the height of the wedding banquet hall, and the number and size of banquet tables should also be considered.

Add some beautiful feathers to the centerpiece of the dining table. The colors of the feathers can be soft ivory or elegant ivory.  Brightly colored feathers are most suitable for weddings that emphasize color themes.  Or choose some colorful feathers and tie a card with the guest's name on it with ribbons, so that you can use it as a seat card.  Or tie the seat to the stem of the fruit, not to the sliced fruit, which is also a good choice, and then place it in the center of the sub-plate.  This fresh seat card is suitable for spring and summer weddings with white, ivory and green as the main colors.  Apples with the meaning of "peace" are perfect.

The decorations in the center of the venue.

If the original decoration of the venue appears in the center of the wedding venue, it is best to remove it when arranging it. If it cannot be removed, other decoration methods can be considered to cover it up.

The stage is placed in the center.

If the stage is not large, then the stage can be set directly in the middle of the venue. A 360-degree stage with no background can allow each guest to see the newcomer.  How to arrange the wedding scene?  On a small stage, you must choose those decorations with smaller size when arranging them. You must not forget the size problem because you are greedy for beautiful decorations.

The background material should be light

The stage is not big, so when choosing the stage background, you must use gauze fabric to decorate, which will appear elegant and warm.  It is not appropriate to choose silks and satins as a heavy fabric background, which will appear thick and heavy.  How to arrange the wedding scene?  It is also possible to arrange the main table for the two newcomers directly in front of the stage without any background.