How can flowers live longer in winter?

- Sep 04, 2019-

In winter, the temperature in various regions drops, and people wear thick down to keep warm ~ it is cold in winter, and our flowers and plants should be carefully maintained to live longer ~

Foundation maintenance

After receiving the flowers, first carry out basic maintenance, root cutting, water raising and bottle inserting, and root cutting at 45 inclined plane. all the small partners should know about it. then, select a clean vase, put appropriate amount of water into the vase, add nutrients, and then insert the flowers into the vase orderly. in winter, change the water every 2-3 days.  Pay attention to clean the vase every time you change water to prevent bacteria residue. In addition, if there is no nutrient, you can put some lemon juice and sugar in the water properly.

Heat preservation and antifreezing

The arrival of winter leads to relatively low outdoor temperature. Some flowers and plants that cannot adapt to low temperature will be moved indoors for safekeeping and nursing.  Pay attention to the water temperature for watering in winter, and it is best at about 20-25 degrees Celsius.  Watering flowers and plants with warm water in winter is conducive to promoting the digestion function of the internal tissues of fresh flowers and branches, but care should be taken not to use too hot water to avoid scalding the tissues of branches.

Illumination ventilation

The sunlight in winter is mostly scattered soft light, and the illumination time and intensity are low, so the illumination demand of plants should be paid more attention in winter.  On the one hand, the plant is moved to the window sill, on the other hand, more green leaves are left to allow it to carry out photosynthesis as much as possible.  Because of the cold weather, when we are at home, it is very likely that we do not open the window all day long. After a long time, the air will be easy to lack oxygen and turbidity, and even many germs may be generated. This is not only harmful to flowers but also harmful to human body. The window still needs to be opened from time to time.

Moderate humidity

Indoor environment humidity should be moderate, too high will easily lead to the phenomenon of rotten petals and rotten leaves, too low will affect the natural growth of flowers.  Generally, the south is wetter and the north is drier. If the humidity is too high, watering should be reduced. Otherwise, a little water can be sprayed appropriately to supplement.

Avoid high temperatures.

Although we require flowers and plants to be kept warm in winter, the temperature should not be too high. Some small partners will place flowers near air-conditioning outlets or electrical appliances. These places will have too high a temperature and flowers will be easily ripened to speed up blooming, which will greatly shorten the flowering period.