How to Buy Wedding Flowers

- Sep 13, 2019-

The wedding scene was full of romance.  The wedding ceremony, which is full of flowers and extraordinary romance, is what we all want. The wedding scene is also surrounded by flowers. How to choose and buy the wedding flowers?  Let's take a look at the following small series.

The first thing to do is to prepare as early as possible, never delay. Early preparation is the first principle for arranging wedding flowers. High-level florists often have to book their schedules one year in advance.  After the wedding date is fixed, we should start to carefully observe how friends use flowers at their wedding banquet, and more importantly, we should see how well the florists are and whether the style is suitable for your taste.  If you have the opportunity, consult your friends around you to see if there are any outstanding florists who have cooperated with you, and you may find the right one.  Carefully study the budget.  When it comes to wedding flowers, it is inevitable to talk about budgets, which is usually a headache and a problem we have to face.  Some beautiful flowers are really exciting when in full bloom, but precious and beautiful flowers are usually expensive.  At this moment, your florist will give full play to his value. He can propose another feasible scheme for you without compromising the style you want.  After reading the list carefully, the newcomer and the florist need to sign a clear contract, including the cost of each kind of flower, and also need to indicate if the original design solution cannot be implemented for some reasons.  In addition, it is necessary to determine when and where all the flowers will be delivered, who will be responsible for the care of the flowers and other details.  First of all, present your favorite pictures from magazine clippings to the florist, explaining what style or arrangement you have a special liking for, and of course including the combinations you reject. Then, discuss the overall tone and arrangement of every detail with the florist in detail.  Secondly, the florist should be provided with photos of wedding dresses, because the bride and groom are the core of the venue on that day, and your dresses will establish the color harmony style of the whole wedding banquet.  Then there will be clothing styles for bridesmaids and groomsmen, as this will involve the style of their bouquet.