Introduction to Rose Planting

- Sep 02, 2019-

The form of upright plants.  Stem cluster, stem sting.  Strange pinnate alternate, leaflets 5 to 9, petioles 5 to 13 cm, elliptic or elliptic obovate, 1.5 to 4.5 cm long, 1 to 2.5 cm wide, apex acute or blunt.  Base rounded or wedge-shaped

Jagged edge is sharp, with no hair on it, dark green leaves, vein collapse, more wrinkles, soft hairs and glands, long petiole, spine and hair, sparse bristles on spine and stem;  Stipules mostly attached to petioles, marginal glands;  Spines with petioles reaching the anterior base are often eaten raw. Lone leaf flower

Axillary or several aggregated, bracts ovate, margin glandular hairy, 5-25mm pedicel dense, glandular, flowers 4-5.5cm in diameter sparsely pubescent, densely glandular hairy in hair and soft;  Corolla bright purple, fragrant;  Pedicel long villi and glands.  Rose flat spherical fruit, cooked

When red, there are many small achenes, sepal lodging deposits.

As the prickly stems of roses are branched, the saying of "Rosa flowers" is true.  The poet said, "in Handan mud, the rose thorn calyx surrounds the stick."  Rose extracts rose high-grade spice oil and rose is more expensive than gold in oil value, so rose has the word "gold".

Appearance of the product] [dry rose and dry bud Rosaceae.  Support internal construction manual planners in their daily work plan as a solid deciduous shrub of the rose department of Rosaceae plants, with purple flowers and aromatic scents.  Roses have a cold temperature characteristic, and buds tender and moist.  It is said that as early as Sui and Tang dynasties, it was a great honor for the court to favor it.  Yang has been able to keep the biggest secret of soft and glowing skin, saying that she was bathed in the royal garden Huaqing pool, soaked fresh rose buds for a long time, and slept on the rose bed.

China-Rose Plant Bud Rosa rugosa[ Attribute] This product is a dry hemispherical or irregular slight lump with a diameter of 1-2.5 cm.  Container hemispheric, base connate and calyx;  Sepals 5, lanceolate, yellowish green or brown green is a photo-like powder hair;  Petals more wrinkled, oval after flattening, showing crumbs, purple, yellowish brown;  Stamens numerous, brown.  Light body, crisp.  The gas is rich in fragrance and slightly bitter in taste.

This product [identifies] sepal surface view: non-glandular hair is denser, unicellular, 136 ~ 680μm long, wall thickness, wood material.  Branches sometimes occur in multicellular gland heads and basal unicellular cells with a diameter of 64 ~ 180μ m and a stem length of 50 ~ 340 μ m.  Grass calcium crystal clusters with diameter of 9-25μ m.

1,Chemical composition: This product contains volatile oil.  The main components of oil are Citronellol, many alcohols, nerol, eugenol and mandarin alcohol.  In addition, it also contains quercitrin, tannin, fatty oil, organic acid, etc.

2, Pharmacological effects: Rose oil can promote bile secretion in rats;  Protection of Rose on Myocardial Ischemia in Experimental Animals