Method for preventing process paper cloth from fading

- Sep 15, 2019-

When buying craft paper cloth, the worry is naturally fading.  Bright and beautiful fabrics, if faded, will be wasted.  If the clothes are discolored when washing clothes, what is worse is that all other clothes are dyed too much to wear, how can you prevent the clothes from discoloring when washing clothes?

Methods to Prevent Fading of Craft Paper Cloth:

(1) Salt water soaking method: In order to prevent fading of newly bought cloth, it is necessary to soak it in strong salt water for half an hour before first launching, and then clean it according to the conventional method.  If there is still a slight fading, you can soak the clothes in light salt water for ten minutes before each time you go into the water to wash them. If you persist in this for a long time, the clothes will not fade.

(2) Pickling: This method is to add some common vinegar to the washing water for a while before washing these clothes.  However, the amount of vinegar should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to dye light-colored cloth.  If the clothes can be cleaned regularly, the color will be bright and clean as new.

(3) toilet water cleaning method: this method can be used to clean clothes according to conventional methods. after the clothes are rinsed clean, a few drops of toilet water are dripped into clear water, and then the cleaned clothes are soaked in such water for 10 minutes.  Clothes washed by this method can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization and sweat odor removal.

In addition, for some dark-colored craft fabrics, the method of reverse drying can be used to prevent fading. The method is very simple, that is, the clothes are dried in reverse.  However, as most fabrics cannot be directly irradiated by the sun, ultraviolet rays are the main cause of clothes fading.  Therefore, it is not only necessary to air the clothes in reverse, but also to put them in a place away from light and ventilated if conditions permit.