Points for Attention in Selecting Craft Paper Cloth

- Sep 07, 2019-

Craft paper cloth has a better understanding for us. Many people are confused when choosing paper cloth, which will lead to the lack of suitable paper cloth. Most people think that soft and smooth fabrics are better products.  However, some soft and smooth fabrics also have quality problems, so some mistakes should be paid attention to when purchasing.  So what should we pay attention to when choosing craft paper cloth?  Let's take a look at the following small series.  I hope it will help you.

1. Need to attach importance to auxiliary materials: While selecting wallpaper and paper cloth, we should also understand the use function of basement membrane, rubber powder and mucilage, which will directly affect the construction quality and later effect.  If consumers don't want to worry about after-sales service, it is suggested to choose some trustworthy merchants.  It is suggested to use matching special adhesive for wallpaper and paper cloth.

2. Paying attention to on-the-spot function instead of long-term use: some wallpaper and paper cloths are slightly beautiful, but the function of the upper wall is relatively poor, and vice versa.  Some wallpapers and paper cloths are beautiful in single width, but they need to be pasted at the edges, which affects the actual overall visual sense.  Some wallpaper and paper cloths look beautiful at the beginning, but they often look tired soon … beauty is not necessarily endurable, endurance is not necessarily beautiful at the beginning, and these factors should be considered at the beginning of purchase.

3, pay too much attention to pictures and ignore color fastness: colorful wallpaper paper cloth is certainly beautiful, but remind consumers, can use wet cloth slightly scrub, see if it is decolorized, those with concave and convex texture wallpaper, if often clean care is likely to decolorize.  As far as possible, we should choose products with plant materials as pigments. Such products are deeply colored, do not discolor after scrubbing, and are not easy to turn yellow or old.