Production steps of light and dark craft paper cloth

- Sep 16, 2019-

Craft paper cloth is a cloth made by converting petroleum products into chemical fibers and then making them. Now, on the basis of the original, paper cloth with two colors of light and dark has been developed. Its main feature is to get rid of the singleness of color. Many people like this cloth very much. The following is a brief introduction to its production steps:

1. According to the design requirements, place the part of dark paper cloth that needs to retain its primary color into the corresponding model, and expose the rest of the cloth outside the model. Clamp the mold and pressurize it. The pressure shall be large enough to prevent liquid from penetrating into the model.

(2) placing the pressurized model in a rinsing tank filled with bleaching solution, soaking and bleaching, and extracting the bleaching solution from the tank when the color of the craft cloth exposed outside the model meets the design requirements.

3. Pour clean water into the rinsing tank, rinse the cloth and bleach solution on the model, and change water for several times.

4. After washing, relieve pressure and open the model, take off the cloth, quickly put it into the washing machine for washing, take it out after washing and dry it.