Refuse luxury flower packaging materials to be low-carbon flower lovers

- Sep 19, 2019-

If the current hot words are ranked, "low carbon" is undoubtedly in the forefront.  Low-carbon cars, low-carbon clothing, low-carbon travel … "low-carbon" has quietly entered every corner of our lives.  Do you know that flower consumption can also be low carbon? Let's be "low carbon" flower lovers.

Don't Forget Environmental Protection in Packaging

At present, most of the flowers we buy are for giving away. Many flower shops have made great efforts in packaging in order to meet this demand and highlight the "luxury" of flower ceremony.  The flower ceremony packed on the third floor inside and the third floor outside was once popular in the north and south of the great river.  The starting point was to buy flowers. As a result, customers bought more wrapping paper.  At the same time, the natural "aura" born of flowers has disappeared in layers of packages, like a handicraft.

We refuse the "luxury" of layers of packages!

The natural beauty of flowers is the foundation of attraction.  When making flower gifts, one should not destroy this natural beauty.  In fact, the luxury of flower ceremony does not have to be realized through layers of packaging, but rather lies in the producers' understanding of flowers and the skills of flower art.

For convenience, many people use bouquets as gifts for giving away flowers. Bouquets use wrapping paper more than bottles, baskets and other forms.  However, when the flower collector takes it home and opens the wrapping paper in the vase, he will often find that it is beyond recognition.  In fact, the container flower ceremony can completely make the bouquet convenient, which is not only environmentally friendly without wrapping paper, but also free from the worry of damaging the originality of the flower ceremony due to disassembly.

Flowers "turn into spring mud to protect flowers" after withering and withering.  After the flowers have faded, the wrapping paper is discarded.  Not to mention how many trees need to be cut down and how much carbon dioxide is released in the artificial production of wrapping paper, making them return to nature completely is a big problem, especially plastic wrapping paper, like other "white garbage", is "stubborn" and is difficult to degrade in a natural environment for 100 years.

When buying flowers, let's start from ourselves and refuse such luxury.  First of all, choose as few flower gifts as possible that are too luxurious in packaging.  Secondly, choose packaging that is easy to degrade as much as possible. In general packaging materials, plastic texture is not easy to degrade, such as plastic paper, gauze, colored ribbons, etc., while paper is easy to degrade, such as hand-rubbed paper, kraft paper, etc.  However, although paper is easy to degrade, it should be used as little as possible because it originates from trees.