The packaging of fresh flowers is premised on not damaging this natural beauty.

- Sep 20, 2019-

Choose as few flower gifts as possible that are too luxurious in packaging.  Second, when buying flowers.  Try to choose packaging that is easy to degrade. In general flower packaging materials, plastic is not easy to degrade and paper is easy to degrade. However, although paper is easy to degrade, it should be used as little as possible because it originates from trees.

Most of the flowers are bought for giving away. At present.  Many flower shops have made great efforts to cater to this kind of demand and highlight the luxurious packaging of flower ceremony.  The flower ceremony packed on the third floor inside and the third floor outside was once popular in the north and south of the great river.  The starting point was to buy flowers. As a result, customers bought more wrapping paper.  At the same time, the natural "aura" inherent in flowers has disappeared from the layers of packages, like a handicraft.

This natural beauty should not be damaged.  In fact, the natural beauty of flowers is the basis of attracting people.  When making flower gifts.  The luxury of flower ceremony does not have to be realized through layers of packaging. It depends more on the producers' understanding of flowers and the skills of flower art.