Understand the moral of today's flowers

- Sep 03, 2019-

Alice-the national flower of France

Alice is the national flower of France. First of all, the origin of the name, the original Greek myth [Rainbow God] Iris.  Iris, the god in charge of love, is also known as her goddess [rainbow], because beauty and love, fantasy, are not all beauty like rainbows?  Of course, love is not Feng's historical fantasy.  Since ancient times, men and women in the pursuit of love will never disappear.  Zeus's jealousy, Alice messenger (iris) has become, this idea should be to change it!  When you are enchanted by Alice, even if you don't have any complaints Alice goes in.  Is there really such perfect love in this world?

Altair-East Cloud Grass Alias

Until a few decades ago, you could see the square feet of morning glory, whether in the city, the countryside or the garden of your home.  Now there are more and more cement apartments and city people. I'm afraid we can only find it on the corner occasionally.  Petunia is a very friendly people, making people feel flowers.  Because it is such a simple characteristic, and can be used for ordinary representative of love, but also because it only blooms in the morning, it dries up, giving a brief feeling.

Rouge Flowers-Alias Flowers of the Day

It always gives the impression of loneliness.  In the summer night, it will gradually begin to bloom, and in the night, its petals will close together.  However, when the hot day comes to an end and gradually goes into darkness, the flower rouge is the most unique charm of its hint-emitting flowers.  This is not a kind of care to enjoy the flowers in the garden, but as an author, an article has been quietly opened in a corner of the garden by luxuriant white powder flowers, and those who think about everything in the past ... white powder flowers?  Xiang seems to have disappeared.

Gypsophila paniculata

Gypsophila paniculata is an inseparable part of the best secondary bouquet of flowers.  Just add some stars, the whole bunch of flowers will become more tender and moving.  The English name of Hope Star is Baby's Breath.  If it says "I love breathing", is it also a wonderful performance?

Cherry flower

There are many types of cherries.  Cherry blossoms have many famous places in Japan, while cherry blossoms in the suburbs of Kyoto are decorated with mountain red cherries.  The flower of language is to look at your spirit and America with a smile.  The flower of western language, cherry blossom, is a good education.  At that time, US President Washington would be very honest and would not tell his father: I cut the cherry tree.  The blue eyes of the pop dance also give us flower fashion and popularity.  Cherry

Snow lotus

When one sees it, one will think of the falling snow.  It is said that the pursuit of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden sighed in the snow and the angels encouraged them to say: Winter is over and warm spring will come soon!  Also said, when they put a pair of hands floating down the snow, snow became snow lotus's hand.  Cold winter, so the mood is also covered with a layer of darkness and light.  However, most people usually want to feel happy when the snow starts to melt and the delicate snow lotus blooms.  Because spring will come.  The hope we must cherish.

Sweet-scented osmanthus

Summer is a cool autumn.  The trees were infected with amber and began to shed leaves.  All of a sudden, there was an attractive fragrance of flowers.  In an amber autumn, an orange flowering tree was suddenly discovered.  That is sweet osmanthus.  Some people say that the little flowers are tears when Xia Shen left.