A Complete Collection Of Wedding Flowers

- Aug 15, 2019-

The most important thing for wedding flowers is the choice of flower language, flower shape, flower color and the correct use of flower materials. Generally, roses, tulips, lilies, carnations and so on are mainly used.


Red roses are generally used for marriage, implying sincere feelings.  Because red rose is a special flower to express love, it is the most widely used one in the compatibility of wedding flowers.  Roses are beautiful and have the name of "queen in flowers".  However, not all red roses are good flower materials. Generally, red roses used as wedding flowers require large flowers, fresh colors, beautiful shapes, long stems (35-45cm), thick petals, such as Saudi Arabia's wudan roses and Britain's red roses.  The Cardinal Samantha (Samantha), who was introduced into China, monopolized the flower leader with their elegant bearing.


It is a good material for wedding flowers. Tulips in red, yellow, purple and white are often used.  Red flower means a confession of love.  Yellow flower language is the coming of love.  Purple flower means eternal love.  White flower language is pure love.


Lily is widely used in wedding flowers, implying "a good marriage in a hundred years" or "Pepsi agreement".  China has a long history of planting lilies, which are regarded as traditional auspicious flowers. In ancient times, red lilies were called "mountain lilies" and yellow lilies were also called "fire kings". Su Dongpo's poem is evidence: "Mountain lilies were planted in front of the hall, and agate plates were scattered."


Also known as carnation, red and pink carnations are one of the most widely sold flowers for marriage. The former means "love of women" while the latter means "love without price". They are commonly used for bride holding flowers, groom's brooch, wedding basket, float, bridal chamber, etc.


Also known as butterfly orchid, the flower is shaped like a butterfly, elegant in appearance and elegant in quality. it is known as the "queen of orchid". it is the main flower material of the bride's bouquet, head flower, shoulder flower, wrist flower and lapel flower. the flower means "I love you, refined and refined, and youth lasts forever."

Accompanying the wedding flowers are gypsophila paniculata, cymbidium, ivy, asparagus, Guangdong evergreen, cycad, taro, tiandong grass, etc.  These colorful flowers add a warm atmosphere to the new people's marriage, and with their rich implication, they wish the new people a good marriage and a long life together.