A Light And Luxurious Life Is Not Expensive At All.

- Aug 14, 2019-

Luxury is a way of life that has arisen in recent years. Everyone is talking about luxury, but what is it?

"Light" is a low-key, comfortable life that is not stressed by the pursuit of refinement.  "Luxury" is luxury, nobility and the quality of life without loss of elegance.

Luxury is a kind of "no-burden, quality" life. Compared with the pursuit of luxury, luxury life will not make people feel breathless, but also pay more attention to the needs of personalized taste and life choices.

No matter what kind of food, clothing, housing and transportation it chooses, it may not be the most expensive, but it must be of the best quality and most suitable for itself.

Light luxury is a kind of rational taste, without showing off or vanity. It advocates good texture and fine design, and is a personal expression of the beauty of life.

Light luxury is a way of respecting spiritual life. It has nothing to do with wealth or status. It is our pursuit of life details.

Luxury is more a way of thinking. It changes not only the quality of life, but also our bad habits in the past. It changes the way we think about problems and life.

Light luxury means to live more gracefully and delicately and to be what you want to be!

It is not difficult to obtain a luxurious life, sometimes only a little love of life and perception of happiness are needed, such as:

A cup of coffee.

It's not instant brewing, but the ritual feeling of gentle extraction. I'm willing to waste a lot of time and slowly taste this cup of coffee called "Life Taste".

A bunch of flowers

Flowers may not be a necessity of life, but they are a sharp weapon to improve the quality of life, driving away the desolation of life with delicate posture.  No wonder people often say that a place with flowers is paradise.

A pen

The tip of the pen smoothly streaks across the white paper, leaving lines of emotional narration to freeze the beautiful time in this ink fragrance, which cannot be given by the computer.

A bottle of perfume

A play


With a "light" attitude, add some small "luxury" to our life. These infinitely small and infinitely few beautiful things come together and eventually become our own ideal life.