Bedroom Is Not Any Flowers Can Be Placed Oh

- Aug 17, 2019-

Growing flowers not only makes the bedroom beautiful, but also purifies the air, which is of great benefit to the body.  Many people still don't know that flowers are not kept in disorder. Many flowers are harmful to the body, not only inappropriate, but also life-threatening. Here are eleven kinds of flowers that are not suitable for living in bedrooms:


Its flowers contain a poisonous alkali, if people contact it for too long, it will accelerate hair loss.


It can secrete a milky white liquid, which can poison people and cause drowsiness, mental decline and other symptoms after prolonged contact.  Pregnant women will cause abnormal fetal sounds if they approach it.

Euphorbia fischeriana, evergreen

Its juice contains dumb enzymes, which is very harmful to human body.  If a child accidentally takes it, it will cause swelling of vocal cords and even lead to hoarseness.


This kind of flower is also the same as tulip flower. If people contact it for too long, they can lose hair.

Leopard skin flower

The odor particles it emits are also very bad for human body and can make people dizzy.

Redback laurel, variable leaf wood, tiger thorn plum

These kinds of flowers and trees will have serious adverse reactions with the human body and are one of the carcinogenic flowers and trees and should not be planted.

Orchids, lilies

The aroma of these two kinds of flowers will stimulate people's mental system, which is too exciting and very easy to cause insomnia.

Chinese rose

The strong fragrance it gives off will make some people feel uncomfortable in chest tightness, suffocation and dyspnea.

Pine and cypress flowers and trees

Its fragrant smell has a stimulating effect on the intestines and stomach of the human body, which not only affects appetite, but also may make pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting.


The particles it emits, if in contact with human skin, will produce skin allergic reactions of flower packaging materials.

night willow herb

It will emit a large number of particles to stimulate the sense of smell at night. If it is heard for too long, patients with hypertension and heart disease will feel dizzy, depressed and unwell, and even their illness will worsen.