Color Matching Guide For Wedding Floriculture

- Aug 12, 2019-

To hold a perfect wedding requires that all aspects can be perfectly displayed.  For weddings, the role of wedding floral art is extremely important and can create a romantic and warm wedding atmosphere.  How to choose the color matching of wedding florists?  Today, I compiled a color matching guide for the wedding floral art.

The color used in wedding floral art should not only be coordinated with the expressed theme, but also with the environment, and should follow the national customs.  For example, if you are going to hold a western-style wedding, white is definitely the first choice. Pure white can better reflect the solemnity and sanctity of western-style traditional wedding.  If it's a Chinese wedding, you can't use white on a large scale, because Chinese weddings are lively and festive.

If the hotel's overall style is very modern and the interior color is very bright, it is very suitable for modern western-style weddings.  Colors commonly used in flower art can be white, white green, white green powder, white powder, champagne, light blue, yellow, white blue, white blue purple, white purple and other TINT. Of course, similar or similar combinations of red colors are also possible, but they are more suitable for Chinese-style weddings.

If the venue is of Chinese style, Chinese wedding will be a good choice, such as traditional courtyard houses.  We can use red, red powder, red yellow, rose red, pink purple and other color combinations.  Newcomers like modern wedding forms, but they should also respect traditional culture and do not use pure white to decorate venues with strong Chinese style.  In addition, dark blue and deep purple with very low brightness should not be used in large areas, which will give people a feeling of depression. We can add light colored flowers to blend them.

When choosing floral colors, the new couple should not only consider their personal preferences, but also the acceptance ability of family members, relatives and friends. Wedding is not only a matter for the new couple, but also brings joy and beauty to guests and family members.