How To Make Dried Flowers?

- Aug 16, 2019-

Dried flowers are the general name of flowers, leaves and fruits after dried.  It not only has the charm of truth, goodness and beauty endowed by nature, but also has the characteristic of "artificial flowers" lasting and unremitting. It is natural and simple, and is loved by people.

There are many drying methods for fresh flowers, including natural drying method, normal temperature pressing method, sand (borax) drying method, desiccant embedding method, glycerin drying method, microwave oven drying method, etc.  Due to the limitation of equipment and other conditions, two simple and easy methods can be used to make dried flowers in families.

(1) Natural drying method.  In this method, fresh flower materials are placed in cool, dark, dry, clean and air-permeable places to allow them to dry naturally.  It is suitable for grass flowers containing more cellulose and used when making three-dimensional dried flowers.

The preparation method comprises collecting flower materials after dew dries in the morning.  After harvesting, cut the stem to the required length, remove a small number of leaves, redundant side branches and damaged parts, tie the flower into a proper bouquet with a thin string, and let the flower hang down on the wire.

With the drying of the flowers, the originally tied bouquet is easy to loosen, so attention should be paid to tie it tightly at any time.  After the cuttlefish is completely dried, spray anti-transpiration agent and put it into a big box for later use.  For some flower materials with thin and tender petals and hanging upside down, which are easy to roll and deform, the flat-plate drying method can be adopted, i.e. metal tissue mesh or other flat-plate materials with holes are selected, the lower end of the flower branch is vertically passed through the mesh, so that the flower is properly stretched and flat-plate on the mesh, allowing it to dry naturally.

(2) normal temperature pressing method.  This method is commonly used to make flat dried flowers.  Put the cuttlefish into absorbent paper, place it on a flat plate, press heavy objects (such as stones, bricks, etc.) on it, place it in the air circulation place, and be confident that it will dry naturally.  Specimen clips can be used to replace heavy objects in mass production of dried flowers.  When using this method, it should be noted that the absorbent paper should be replaced in time 1-3 days after pressing.  This method can also be combined with heating and rapid drying, i.e. on the second day after the fresh flowers are pressed, or when they are about to dry, the absorbent paper with flowers is lightly burned with an electric iron, and then pressed as usual until it is completely dried.  In this way, not only is the drying speed fast, but also it can play a role in killing insects and sterilizing, which is beneficial to the preservation of dried flowers.  However, some flowers, such as orchids, will fade when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is not appropriate to heat these flowers.

After the dried flowers are made, they should be kept indoors.

Common sense of dried flower maintenance

The maintenance of dried flowers should pay attention to moistureproof, sunscreening and insect prevention. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust after putting them for a period of time. It is also an effective method to use a hair dryer to clean them.  At ordinary times, some essence and sesame oil are dripped on the dried flowers, which not only has the insect prevention effect, but also can create a real fragrant "flower room" and make the room special in emotional appeal.