How To Pack Bouquets, How To Pack Roses

- Dec 09, 2019-

With the improvement of the living room, more and more people like to pack flowers. In the living room, the bedroom is decorated with a bouquet of flowers, which makes the home suddenly different. Many people think that it is difficult to pack flowers, but it is not difficult. Some people have learned by self-study, and then set up a business. Today I will briefly explain how to wrap a bunch of flowers. If you want to prepare a flower shop, you can pay attention: the flower shop diary class will have more exciting content How do we wrap a bouquet? 1. In the first step of wrapping flowers, we must first prepare the required flower materials. According to personal preferences, we can choose warm tones or more elegant. Similar to the more beautiful we can choose red roses, the more elegant we can choose Diana, and then choose some green leaves for embellishment.

1.We can choose hand-wrapped flowers. The commonly used method is a spiral bouquet. 
We choose a bouquet and then fix the flower branch between our thumb and forefinger.
 When wrapping flowers, we must remember that the spiral point does not move. 
 Let's not hold fast at that time.


We use this to place the flower branch in a spiral way between our thumb and index finger, and we can add a little green leaves when we make a bouquet.


When we catch more flower branches, or more flowers. We can look at it from the top or left and right to see if our bouquets are reasonable. If they are not coordinated, then we can adjust the flowers slightly.

5、After we have all the bouquets, we can fix the bouquet with tape or rope.

6、Finally, we cut the branches below to make the bouquet stand on the table as much as possible.


Finally, we wrapped the flower branches below with cellophane so that we could add water to it to keep the flowers fresh.

8、In the end, we put on the wrapping paper. This one is also based on personal preference. Let's cut the wrapping paper to the right size


We are folding the wrapping paper to give him a sense of hierarchy.

10、We grabbed one end of the wrapping paper, and then made the wrapping paper feel like a fan.

11、This way we put the wrapping paper on the bouquet, at this time we can fix it with tape


This is the inside wrapping paper, which is the base. Next we use some kraft paper, we can choose two, and then I make him overlap to make him feel wrinkled.


Similarly, we fixed the wrapping paper on the bouquet and folded it in the same place as the primer paper we fixed last time.

14、When packing, we adjusted the wrapping paper, waited for a sense of harmony in his mess, and then we fixed the bouquet.

15、We can also put a layer of plain face on the outside to make the bouquet feel more fluffy and fuller.

16、We adjusted the outside plain paper to make it layered

17、Finally, we tied a bow and wrapped a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

In this way, we can make some simple bouquets, but if we need to open a shop or prepare to find a job, then we must go to a professional place to learn floral art, or through our own continuous practice, watching other people's works, and constantly imitating, then we pack Coming out of bouquet. More beautiful, make customers more recognized.