It Is Difficult For The Flower Packaging Net To Meet The Requirements Of Modern People For New Things.

- Aug 20, 2019-

According to the staff of flower packaging materials, it has become increasingly difficult for the conservative printing industry to meet the demands of modern people for new things, especially young people. This is a crowd that pursues independence and individuality. However, conservative printing is exactly the same, and the things printed in everyone's hands are like twins, exactly the same. Therefore, in order to adapt to this change in people's consumption tendency, PVC printing has emerged. What are the advantages of PVC printing?

PVC printing has many advantages

First, personalization is easier to see. This PVC printing technology can provide personalized personal tailor, and everything on everyone's hand can produce various different effects through PVC printing. This advantage is also a certain victory for PVC printing. Because this new printing technology meets the young people's pursuit of freshness and special features, and young people are now the mainstream of social consumption.

Second: convenience and quickness. Printing with this PVC technology will not be limited by printed objects, and it is not necessary to use things with very smooth or smooth appearance. Even some artworks with concave and convex shapes can use PVC printing technology to perfectly print the pattern to be printed. The conservative printing technology is only carried out on some flat stone slabs, wood boards or paper. In contrast, the advantages of PVC printing technology is very prominent

Third: simplicity. Because I seldom come into contact with the printing industry, I felt that PVC sounds good at first, so it must be a relatively difficult technology. In fact, the fact is exactly the opposite. PVC printing technology is just like the fool camera used before. In fact, there is no technology at all. You only need to know a little about the whole PVC printing process to complete a PVC printing work well.