Packaging Materials For Flowers And Why

- Aug 19, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of the aesthetic taste of the public, the demand for fresh flowers is increasing day by day, which has also brought about a series of industrial development, such as the packaging materials of fresh flowers.

First, all kinds of flower wrapping paper.  This is a beautiful coat of flowers, including hand rubbing paper, printing and gold hand rubbing paper, Korean gauze, ordinary cotton paper, high-grade cotton paper, rich flower paper, silk paper, art paper, gold and silver paper, plastic paper, laser paper, golden flower paper, handmade paper, printing paper, corrugated paper, hemp net, snowflake net, artificial hemp, natural hemp, square grid, diamond net, wave net, gold cloth, gauze net roll, gauze net piece, etc.

Second, all kinds of ribbons are used to draw flowers.  These flowers are the highlights of flower packaging, such as plain color belt, Phnom Penh color belt, cotton belt, printed cotton belt, printed flowers, Phnom Penh flowers, seersucker, bright color wave, heart plate, offset printing, etc.

Three, all kinds of packaging accessories, tools.  They are also important members of flower packaging materials, such as rose clips, adhesive tapes, wire drawing machines, green adhesive tapes, gold wires, paper rolls, copper wires, iron wires, flower glue, foam balls, hanging ornaments, bead chains, staplers, etc.

These are all the packaging materials for flowers, but why do flowers need to be packaged?

The first important reason is that flowers need protection.  When fresh flowers begin to be sold everywhere from the branches, they will undergo storage and multiple handling during the flow, so good packaging during this period will prevent withering, squeezing, pollution, illumination and bacterial invasion of fresh flowers, as well as oxidation prevention, heating prevention, prolonging the survival time, and of course, the effect of flower mud is indispensable.

Another reason is that good packaging is also a medium to transmit commodity information.  It undertakes the functions of conveying the flower image of flowers, company brand, capacity, quality guarantee time, and usage methods.