The Source Of The Table Flag

- Aug 01, 2019-

A desk flag is a desk flag placed on a desk or conference table. It not only represents the position of the state, unit or individual, but also plays a decorative role. Home decorative table flags are placed on the dining table or the coffee table in the living room to make the table more beautiful.

The flag of the general table flag is dominated by the 14 x 21 (cm) flag. Table flags are used more often in traditional Chinese homes and are often used in Korea. The use of table flags is very exquisite: not only with the tableware, table and chair tones and even the overall decoration of the home, but also to enhance taste and style role.

Choose a unique and textured table flag, so that the home layout more elegant.

As a decoration it is often laid on the middle line or diagonal of the table, when you talk to guests at the table, this table flag will make your guests feel a strong cultural atmosphere - ancient and mysterious, colorful oriental general

Table Flag

Table Flag It's unfathomable.

Table flags are generally made of a series of materials, such as fine silk or cotton. Table flag should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, objects, overall decoration of the tone, etc. , has the role of improving taste and style. At the same time, a table flag has an important role to play is to protect the desktop.