Wedding Decoration Of Forest Ferns

- Aug 13, 2019-

Pteridophytes with green branches and leaves have peculiar and elegant forms.  The changeable leaf shape and exquisite leaf surface have already made ferns unique in the application of floriculture.  Today, we will talk about the decorative role of ferns in the wedding.

Most of the time, fern leaves play a supporting role in the flowers.  However, fern leaves also have gorgeous counter attacks. For example, on a hot summer day, a wedding themed with fern leaves will bring different coolness, just like singing softly in a green forest.

In the 1920s, green ferns became the trend followed by modern people.  However, in the wedding ceremony, green ferns are undoubtedly the best choice for newcomers who like retro, have environmental awareness, like bohemian style or have limited budget.  Whether you want a freestyle wedding full of flowers or want to highlight a rich theme, you can use it for banquets, ceremony decorations, table decorations and wreaths.

The wedding inspiration of fern decoration is so fresh and natural, simple decoration and monotonous color, but it brings sincere and pure feelings to the wedding visually.  Even without the colorful flowers, the beauty is still incredible.

The bride's bouquet consists entirely of green leaves, and ferns become a highlight that cannot be ignored. The finely divided green leaves of different shapes and colors are bundled together in a bunch, showing a wild and romantic atmosphere.  Light and elegant leaves, like absorbing the nimbus between heaven and earth, like fairy dream.  The white wedding cake was decorated with a few green ferns, which immediately freshened the air ~