What Flowers Are Suitable For The Living Room?

- Aug 11, 2019-

The living room is relatively open and spacious among all living rooms.  The number of people taking part in activities is relatively larger than that in private space.  Different space locations have different decorative flower materials and green plants.  So, what flowers are suitable for the living room?  What do the flowers and green plants in the living room value most?

Generally speaking, it pays attention to two points: it can effectively absorb harmful gases and has a long service life.

1. Chlorophytum comosum: a perennial herb with linear shape, slender leaves, orchid-like and white flowers. It is known as a green purifier for indoor air and can absorb formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic substances in the air.

2. Aloe Vera: When it comes to Aloe Vera, perhaps the first thing we think about is Aloe Vera gel.  Aloe can absorb formaldehyde and dust. It is a perennial evergreen herbaceous plant with large and thick leaves. It is easy to plant. Aloe can be used for food, medicine, beauty and appreciation.

3. Asparagus: Climbing plant. Its smell has the ability of sterilization and bacteriostasis and has certain medicinal value.  Can be placed in the living room, study, while purifying the air, it also adds a lot of scholarly atmosphere to the room.

4. Rich bamboo: It belongs to potted ornamental plant, such as its name, which symbolizes "good luck and prosperity". Rich bamboo includes rich bamboo with golden heart, rich bamboo with silver heart, rich bamboo with silver edge, rich bamboo with gold border, rich bamboo with gold border, etc.

5. Adiantum reniforme: ferns like to absorb formaldehyde, so if the house is newly decorated, it is still good to put some pots of Adiantum reniforme.

6. Clivia: It is a perennial herb with a flowering period of 30-50 days, mainly in winter and spring. It is a semi-negative plant. In the north, it is most appropriate to put a basin of Clivia indoors in winter. Clivia can play a very good role in purifying air.  And its life span is still long. It is really economical and healthy.

The living room has a relatively large number of visitors and is also the place to receive guests. Therefore, the ability of flowers and trees to purify harmful gases is highly valued.