What Is The Concept Of Flower Packaging Design

- Aug 18, 2019-

With the development of the flower and gift industry, we would buy flowers to wish each other on many festivals or friends' birthdays.  A bunch of handsome flowers can not only send wishes but also add atmosphere. However, choosing flowers cannot only attach importance to flower materials but also choose good packaging.  So, what is the viewpoint of flower packaging design?  The following is an answer from China Flower Net.

Literally speaking, the word "package" is a juxtaposed structure, "package" means package, and "package" means decoration. Packaging means wrapping and decorating articles.

The functionality in packaging design is always the first.  No matter what kind of shape is designed, it should meet its concise criteria and conform to the ergonomic structure, resulting in a package that is safe for products and convenient for users.

Opportunity: Giving gifts not only requires careful choice, but also needs to consider the opportunity of giving gifts.  Under normal circumstances, they meet at serious traditional festivals, such as Spring Festival and New Year.  In addition, when communication tools encounter difficulties, twists and turns and are in good times, gifts can also be given to show consolation or encouragement.

Packaging: Gifts given to others, especially those given in official places, should normally be carefully stopped.  Use special paper to wrap the gifts, or put the gifts into special boxes and bottles.  When packaging flowers and gifts, one should not only do what one can but also support simplicity.  When packaging, we should pay attention to materials, encapsulation, images and specific methods of binding and wrapping.

From the design point of view, "bag" is to wrap things with certain materials, its basic purpose is to make things not easy to damage, convenient transportation.  This is the field of practical science and belongs to the viewpoint of matter.  "outfit" refers to the decoration of things.  This refers to using different methods to stop defacing and decorating the wrapped things to make them look more handsome on the outside.  This is an aesthetic field and a cultural point of view.  Pure "packaging" is to integrate these two viewpoints reasonably and effectively.

Place: Pay attention to the place where gifts are given, especially in business activities. If the company's colleagues retire, some or the company will provide unified gifts on weekdays, or each person will raise funds to purchase gifts.  If there are no special reasons, try not to give gifts alone, so as not to create an embarrassing situation.