Rosette Satin Runner Rosette Satin Runner Red

Rosette Satin Runner Rosette Satin Runner Red

Product Details

The very strict modern company management system and advanced production technology guarantee our Tablecloth Waterproof, Deco Mesh Flower Wrapping Material, Nature Jute Roll With Printed Flower always in top quality. Welcome customers at home and abroad to contact us. Looking to the future, we will continue to make the development of our industry our top priority, unite and forge ahead, and have the courage to innovate! Our products are widely sold to all over the world.

                                                non  woven  table  runners

                                              size : 28cm*5Y   /customized according to customer requirements


                                                          item no:zq00108 

                                                                material: non woven  fabric

                                                                     weight: 0.15kg

                                                                          packaging :opp



Based on the characteristics of reasonable structure, durability and convenient operation, our Rosette Satin Runner Rosette Satin Runner Red that meets the different requirements of new and old customers is sold all over the world. Years of carving, we still focus on the industry, this is precipitation, this is the persistence of excellence. Welcome domestic and foreign enterprises to visit and negotiate with our company.


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